Call for papers

NJVET has a continuous open call for papers within the aims and scope of the journal. In addition to this, there could be calls for papers on specific themes, where articles are brought together for publication as a virtual special issue. Researchers willing to act as guest editors for such a special issue are welcome to contact the editor with their proposals. As an author you are invited to submit any paper that is related to the aims and scope of the journal, or when there is a special call for papers in relation to its specific theme.

Contributions can be submitted and published in English, Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish. To broaden the international readership, we encourage Nordic researchers to submit and publish their contributions in English.

See Instructions for authors for more information about how to submit a paper.

The journal includes three types of publications:
- Research articles that will be subject to double-blind peer review.
- Magazine articles concerning vocational education and training that are published in a separate section.
- Book reviews.